22 Minute Hard Corp Commencement

Decided to start a new workout program… as a past user of the Beachbody P90X series, Tony Horton introduced a military bootcamp-style workout called 22 Minute Hard Corp. Each of the workouts is 22 minutes, but they are pretty much continuous circuit-training style rounds. After Day 1, which included the Cardio 1 workout followed by a 10-minute Core 1 workout, I’m feeling it already. Never thought I would get that hard of a workout in just a short time. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes with this program… but it’s a nice opportunity to take a few days break from running to give my knees a chance to rest, while still putting in quality workout time. More to come as I progress through the program.

22 Minute Hard Corp Banner

22 Minute Hard Corp Banner


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