Run Wild at the LV Zoo 10K 2016 Complete!

It wasn’t pretty by any means – 85 degrees and 75% humidity at the race start. 6.2 miles of running in a thick soup, not much shade for the second half of the race, and a nasty monster hill at Mile 2. Suffice it to say, my overall times suffered (1:25 10K), but I survived and crossed the finish line. I felt like I ran through a monsoon with the amount of sweat dripping off my clothes. The Run Wild event at the Lehigh Valley Zoo is a great time no matter what, and it benefits all the animals that the zoo brings in to protect and help them live out the rest of their lives in a safe, secure environment.

2016 Run Wild at LV Zoo 10K COMPLETE!

2016 Run Wild at LV Zoo 10K COMPLETE!

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