Runner’s World Grand Slam 1/4 – Trail Run

Earlier today, I completed my first timed trail run as part of the Runner’s World Half and Festival Weekend in Bethlehem. The trail run kicked off the weekend with a 3.4 mile “jog” around South Mountain. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but figured it couldn’t be that bad given that the festival is geared to runners of all abilities. Suffice it to say, this was a tough, technical course. There were a few spots where I actually slowed down to a crawl because of unstable footing. We took a shuttle bus to the starting line, where one of the RW staff discussed how trail running is different than street running. Of course, some of the prep items he suggested many of us didn’t have.

Trail Running - 3.4 miles of the Grand Slam weekend!

Trail Running – 3.4 miles of the Grand Slam weekend!

Elaina and Alex - 2016 Runner's World Kids' Race Finishers!

Elaina and Alex – 2016 Runner’s World Kids’ Race Finishers!

The run itself was pretty fun and challenging, although I will forever hate the 200+ ft. climb right at the end of the run. Not the way I ever want to have to finish a race. I’m still amazed at how quickly the seasoned trail runners completed the course, but I still think I ended with a respectable time. The best part – pizza and snacks at the finish. Later in the evening, my kids both completed the RW Kids’ Race and earned their medals. Next up – the 5K and 10K tomorrow morning back-to-back and then the half on Sunday. Here’s hoping my body survives! (Dopey 2017 is on the horizon is less than three months, so it has to survive!)

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