Runner’s World Grand Slam 2-3/4 – 5 & 10

Today was the Runner’s World Five and Dime, or the 5K and 10K back to back. Of course, being that I was doing the Grand Slam (still not sure why I am doing it) that meant running these two races with a short break in between. The 5K starts at 8:00am with the 10K starting at 9:30am – the real trick is not cooling down and getting stiff in between the runs. I ran a pretty decent 5K, taking it easy and trying not to burn out. My 10K time was considerably slower, as it has been the last two years. Races temperatures weren’t too bad, but when the wind picks up over the one big bridge that we cross, it makes things a little less fun. Two races – two medals – 9.3 miles! My friend Tom ran the 10K, and pulled off a respectable time of his own. After the race, it was back to the car, home for a shower and some serious rolling to get ready for the half tomorrow morning.

5K Finished!

10K Finished! (Can you tell I look tired from the back to back races?)

Tom (10K) and Nick (5K/10K) – RW Finishers!

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