Runner’s World Grand Slam 4/4 – Half Marathon

Grand Slam COMPLETE! 4 days – 4 races – 26.2 miles! This is nowhere near what I’ll be doing at WDW in January (Dopey Challenge) but it’s a nice warm-up. The half marathon is the finale of the Runner’s World weekend. Today the back-to-back days of running finally caught up to me, and I was stiff and sore at the start. I’ve been through this race before, so I knew what to expect, even with some minor course changes. There are some monster hills, so I figured why not walk those and not burn out too much. Overall, my time was right around the 3 hour mark, pretty much what I expected. The trail run from Friday night is what really caught up with me, and I could tell from the new sore muscles I had. Race temps were a little chilly, but warm enough that a long-sleeve tech shirt was all I needed.

Runner’s World Half Marathon Complete!

Looking back at this weekend, I am almost 99% sure I will do this again in 2017. Free race pictures doesn’t hurt either. While the back-to-back-to-back running caught up with me, it was a good challenge and warm-up for Dopey. I also had the chance to try out some new pacing strategies, which should come in handy over the next few months. My only gripe is that I wish the medals were a little bigger – the half medal is the biggest of the bunch. Memo to Runner’s World – a little variety wouldn’t hurt next year!

4 Races – 4 Medals – 26.2 GRAND SLAM Miles!

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