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My name’s Nick, and I got into running as a New Year’s Resolution for 2013. Growing up, I was anything but athletic, opting for math, science, computers, and music. Getting into my 20’s, I took up martial arts, and got into decent shape, although still not what I would consider athletic. Fast forward to the end of 2012… married for nearly 8 years, with 2 wonderful children, I wanted to bring my training full circle and do something else on the bucket list. A friend convinced me to run a 5K in April 2013, so like everything in my life, I dived in head first and trained hard. After the 5K, I signed up for the Disney Wine & Dine in November… now months into my training, I’m developing an addiction to running. It’s a mentally freeing experience, but one that challenges me to do something I don’t have a natural ability for. I’m doing something that 20+ years ago I never would have thought possible.

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