New 10K PR

Ok, it’s only 19 seconds, but I still beat out my time from last year. Earlier today, I completed my 3rd 10K at the Run Wild at the Lehigh Valley Zoo 5K/10K. Check out some photos and the recap here. While I was hoping for a better finish than last year, and I did achieve it, I would have liked to knock a little more time off. Hopefully, I’ll have that chance in a few weeks with Dumbo Double Dare right around the corner. Given the close proximity of that bigger race, it’s probably smarter for me to have not pushed too hard. The sun was out for the run, but it rained a lot right before, which drove the humidity up high. Not a great combination for a pleasant run. Overall though, this was a fun experience and it raised a lot of money for the Lehigh Valley Zoo!

Finisher of the LV Zoo 10K!

Finisher of the LV Zoo 10K!

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